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Building Your Image

We are Long Island's most versatile publicity consulting company, specializing in strategy, copywriting and editing, layout and graphic design in print or on the web.

Our skills and connections can HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW! Whether you call it marketing, publicity, public relations, copywriting, ghost-writing, teaching or hand-holding, our know-how can get you closer to your goals.

Our specialties include building and managing your online reputation, creating an effective website and ensuring that your branding leaves an impression on potential clients.

About Us 

Online Reputation

Your online business reputation matters as much to us as it does to you - and your bottom line. If you're not managing your online business reputation, who is?

By guiding you through effective use of social media, online directories, press releases and other methods of spreading the word and staying in touch with your clients, we ensure that the image you are projecting online is the best it can be.

Why wait for someone else to post about your business? Take control of your online reputation and see how it positively affects your business.

Reputation Management 

Websites and SEO

Your website is designed for two kinds of people - the ones who already know you, and the ones who are looking for you. How do you capture the attention of the latter group?

A strong website design with excellent content and effective search engine optimization (SEO) implemented will get you results that a basic website can't. We're not content to use "same old" techniques either - we stay up to date on the latest in search guidelines and methods so your website looks great, and is handled in the right way.

Websites & SEO 

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Because Image Matters...

Not all publicity is good publicity, and not all good publicity has to be high cost. Let us evaluate your needs and create a publicity plan tailored to your business and your budget.